Resource management game where you play a ruler of a growing kingdom.

I love playing chess and board games. The style of board game that really gets me excited is called worker placement or resource management. If you've played games like Agricola, Terra Mystica, Le Havre, or Stone Age, then this project might appeal to you.

My goal is to build a single player resource management game delivered as an NFT on fx(hash). There are a lot of design and technical challenges ahead of me. So I'll give updates as I make progress.

As always, feel free to ping me on Twitter if you have ideas or feedback.

v1 (a month ago)

Here is the first video of the Kalundor interface. I've previously worked on this project for 4-5 days so a lot of thought has already been put into the game mechanics and interface.

I'm testing embedded Loom videos to show the interactions.

v2 (5 days ago)

I've been working on the phases for each round.

I think it's important that as a player, you are constantly put in a position where you have to make a decision with tangible trade-offs. It drives me crazy when games have linear upgrade paths without requiring sacrifices.

Each round you'd get to place a building, burn a building, and upgrade a building. Every building produces resources so the decision should factor in short and long term needs.

v3 (4 days ago)

I have the basic code written to handle harvesting. At the end of each round, all buildings in your kingdom will produce as long as you have enough resources to pay the cost.

v4 (4 days ago)

Building a game is really challenging. There are so many little things to consider. One thing I'm struggling with now is figuring out how I can help players make decisions about which buildings to place without requiring a ton of cross referencing in a guide/manual.

While you are playing, it should be obvious what resources a building produces and consumes. I've played with tooltips and modals to show building info. But I just find all of those interactions to be too clunky. So I'm going to try an approach that might be slightly less intuitive for a new player but incredibly useful once you get the hang of it.

When you hover over a tile in the building queue, it should highlight the resources it produces and consumes on the right. If it consumes a resource, the background will be red. If it produces the resource, it'll be green.

You'll know straight away that the building will be active or inactive based on the red highlighted resources being empty or not. There are other visual indicators that I may add to improve the interaction even more, but I'll start with simple highlights and go from there.

v5 (4 days ago)

Here is the latest highlighting interaction based on my previous update. This works reasonably well. I just need to display the name of the building.

v6 (3 days ago)

My initial thought process when designing this game was to make it so each time a game is minted on fxhash, the gameplay is deterministic. That means, the building stack is the same and if you take the same series of actions, you wind up with the same score.

This would open the door for a leaderboard that fairly compares every player from each version of the game. People could then compete to get the highest possible score in a deterministic setting.

The thing that I don't necessarily like about that setup is the game might be less fun with each subsequent play because there is no discovery element. Players know exactly which buildings to expect as the game progresses.

If the game is not deterministic, I lose the ability to have leaderboards per mint...but the resulting game might be much more interesting to replay.